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Give Way To Ambulances – Save Lives

Give Way To Ambulances - Save Lives

Give Way To Ambulances – Save Lives

We regularly see ambulances plying on roads, taking patients battling with death. The roads get stuck with traffic and no one gives way to the ambulances to reach the destination in time. Thus, the fight for life ends after failing to reach hospital & many lives are lost. Just think, if we had given them the way to get to hospital in time, we would have saved a life. Its just a matter of being human.

We give way to vehicles, if we are asked to do so, by the police or any other official. For how many ambulances, will they plead us to co-operate? Why don’t we do it by ourselves. We can save many more lives of our people, if we care for the patients, by co-operating with the ambulances & giving them space to go. It may be our family members or relatives or friends who suffer the same. Its time to wake up the real humans in ourselves. Lets care for people’s lives. Lets let ambulances reach hospitals safely and quickly in time, saving the lives of many.

Life is Beautiful..Lets Gift that beautiful Life to others.

So, i kindly plead you all. “Ambulance Ki Daariddam..Pranam Nilabedadham..Repati Rojuni Kapadadham..”

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