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OM 3D Big Release in USA

OM 3D Big Release in USA

Very high technical First Indian action 3D film OM 3D is all set for July 19th release in USA with Premiere shows on July 18th. All the digital drives were already delivered to theaters today July 17th well in advance. We are releasing in about 30 locations as the biggest release of Kalyan Ram’s films in USA even though had tough time to acquire 3D theaters due to too many Hollywood movies releasing in this week. Most of the locations we are screening 3D only except 4/5 locations. Please check our schedules which are 3D and which are 2D locations as we clearly indicated in our schedules. We are also planning to add few more 3D screens next week based on demand. All 3D’s will be screened in Real 3D Digital 2k/4k format.
OM 3D is a makers passion towards technology which completely shot in 5K resolution which also involves Hollywood Stereographers and Technicians. Its new era of Indian film making as it rare to see Indian movies in 3D format.
Watch it on big screens and enjoy!!

Press Release issued by BlueSky Cinemas, Inc.

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