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YSRCP Nails TDP Lies

YSRCP Nails TDP Lies

Hyderabad, Sept 27 (INN): Nailing the lies of a section of media and main opposition TDP on party honorary president YS Vijayamma’s trip to Delhi, YSR Congress has reiterated that the assembly should be convened immediately to know who the protagonists of a United State are.

“Of late, there has been a barrage of false propaganda on our party leaders with the latest being that YS Vijayamma has an appointment with Sonia Gandhi at 10.00 pm today. While a television channel has recklessly flashed the news, TDP picked it up and went to media that our leader has gone to Delhi to thank Sonia.

The news is baseless, mischievous and derogatory as our leader has a return ticket booked for evening flight and she visited Delhi to express solidarity with the APNGO leaders who are holding dharna at Jantar Manthar demanding a united state,” party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Friday.

While we are on the forefront in the struggle to keep the state united, the Congress and TDP are playing hide-and-seek game with the people and are targeting YSRCP with false propaganda. The Chief Minister and Chandrababu Naidu should make public the efforts they made to keep the state united, if there is one, she said and reiterated the demand of convening the assembly so that people will know as to who is fighting for the cause of a united state.

APNGOs have requested our party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to join them in the Delhi dharna but due to legal constraints, he cannot move out of the city and his mother represented him at the protest rally in Delhi, she said.

Without verifying facts, some baseless story appears in a section of media and TDP rushes to the press spinning stories over the false news.

While the process of division is in progress in Delhi what did the Chief Minister or the Seemandhra leaders do to stall it? The cabinet note is getting ready and Delhi leadership is very vocal about it day in and day out and Congress and TDP leaders are indifferent which tantamount to playing with the sentiments of Seemandhra people.

Neither Seemandhra leaders nor the main opposition TDP has thought of urging the government to convene the assembly as the state is in dire straits.

“We demand that the assembly should be convened immediately and a resolution should be adopted in favour of a united state. This will preempt the cabinet note that is getting ready in Delhi,” she said.

Poking fun at Chief Minister’s remark that the match is not over till the last ball is over, she said, the need is to stop the play forthwith and not to wait till the last ball is bowled.

The sincerity of our party need not be questioned as we are the first to submit our resignations ahead of CWC decision. Our Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, honorary president YS Vijayamma and MP Mekapati Rajamoan Reddy had quit in protest against the Congress decision to bifurcate the state, while Congress and TDP leaders of Seemandhra region have no concern to the consequences arising out of the division, she said.

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