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SCR to Construct Rail Despatch Facility at Asifabad

SCR to Construct Rail Despatch Facility at Asifabad

Hyderabad, August 26 (INN): The Bellampalli area of Singareni Collieries Ltd (SCCL), which produces around six million tonnes of Coal per annum, does not have convenient rail dispatch siding at nearby railway stations. Hence, the coal produced at Bellampalli area is being transported to the Railway sidings at Ramakrishnapur and Sreerampur, which are 54 and 74 Kms away from the Coal fields respectively.

Transport of Coal from collieries to Ramakrishnapur and Sreerampur by road is causing pollution and involving with frequent accidents. Moreover, lack of convenient railway dispatch point is also affecting the incremental production of Collieries in Bellampalli region.

Hence, the SCCL has taken the initiative to construct a rail dispathch point at Asifabad Road Railway Station, situated between Bellampalli and Sirpur Kagaz Nagar Railway Stations, with the help of South Central Railway. The Secunderabad Division of SCR will develop the rail dispach point at a cost of Rs. 28 Cr. As a part payment, B Nagya, Executive Director (Coal Movement), SCCL, handed over a cheque for Rs. 13.60 Crore on Monday to SK Agarwal, Chief Operations Manager, SCR.

Nagya requested SK Agarwal to take up and complete the work by the end of this financial year to enable SCCL to commence the Coal dispatch from Asifabad Railway Station. Once, a full-fledged railway siding is developed at Asifabad Road Rdailway Station, it will help boost the production and transportation and of coal from coal mines situated in Bellampalli area.

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