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Mega Star a ‘0’ in National Media

Mega Star a '0' in National Media

When Chiranjeevi who ruled Tollywood silverscreen for decades as Mega Star entered Andhra Pradesh politics sometime back, entire National media focused him branding him as a game changer. True to the prediction, though he couldn’t become the Chief Minister, he affected the end results winning considerable vote share and 18 MLA seats. However inexperience forced him to merge his party with Congress Party and become Union Minister much against the peoples wish only to escape from the pulls and pressures as a party leader. Many feel had he run the party he could have played decisive role in the state.

Now National Media started branding him as Zero after hailing as Hero. They said people who used to shower with flowers are pelting stoned on him. They quoted late CM YS.Rajasekhar Reddy who said “People come to see film stars. They don’t vote for them. I don’t consider Chiranjeevi a threat. He is not an NTR.”. A journalist says “Earlier the people used to wait outside his house for a glimpse of Chiranjeevi for days. Now even if he walks on the roads, nobody looks at him.”. In politics only superstars like NTR,MGR and Jayalalitha shone becoming Chief Ministers and playing important role even in national politics.

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