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Absconding Accused in Fake Missionaries Case Held

Hyderabad, June 15 (INN): The Crime Investigation Department arrested a woman who was accused in a multi-crore cheating case of a fake Missionary institution.

The arrested woman, Sukanya, is the third accused in the case against Heavenly Interdenominal Mission Trust and also the wife of main accused John Prabhakar alias Malinga Prabhakar who was already arrested by the CID in the year 2011. She was treasurer of the Trust and was at large since the registration of the cases.

According to Additional DGP (CID) T Krishna Prasad, in the year 2006 an organization in the name of Heavenly Interdenominal Mission Trust (HIM) was started under chairmanship of John Prabhakar at Chennai. It induced the gullible Public saying that if they deposit some amount with the said Trust, they would get six folds of the deposited amount in 11 months from the money would be coming from Christian Missionaries from Western Countries. He appointed various agents in Tamil Nadu as well as in Andhra Pradesh.

In the scheme, if a person pays Rs 1,000 he will get Rs.6,000 and if pays Rs 10,500, he would get Rs 60,000. Many agents participated in the scheme and got commissions. For one or two months the victims got refunds but after collection of crores of rupees, the main accused John Prabhakar went underground. Several cases were registered across the country.

In Andhra Pradesh 36 cases were registered against the Trust, out of which six were taken over by the CID and being investigated. While the main accused John was arrested in 2001, his wife Sukanya was arrested on Friday at Chandragiri near Tirupathi of Chittoor district in Cr.No.65/2011 of Bitragunta PS of Nellore Dist. She has been remanded to judicial custody.

The Additional DGP has cautioned the public not to invest in such schemes being run in the name of Missionaries, which are bogus. Participation in such schemes tantamount to being cited as accused and punishable under provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulations Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978, he said. (INN)

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