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Paisa Movie Review

Paisa Movie Review

Nani named as Prakash alias Pra’cash is money grubber who works as model for a garment shop in old city. Noor (Catherine Tresa) a Muslim gals loves Prakash. But for his love for Cash, Nani always ignores Noor. One day, Prakash comes across the rich and beautiful Sweety (Siddhika Sharma) and a good friendship starts. Prakash comes to know that Sweety is the daughter of a rich and powerful minister (Charan Raj) and decides to get rich by befriending her. Sanyasi Raju (Charan Raj) is an aspiring CM contender over opponent Sagar (Siddharth Reddy). Sanyasi Raju hatches a plan to win upcoming elections through paid votes. As a part of the plan, he orders for a Rs. 50-crore transaction through hawala. Noor’s family is collar deep in financial troubles and she reluctantly agrees to marry an old Dubai Sheikh in order to save the family. Prakash comes to know about this and realises that he is in love with Noor. What happened next? Did nani marry Noor?Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points
Nani Performance

Minus Point

Direction is not up to the mark and screenplay is quite weak in most parts. Logical loopholes and unexplained gaps in the story are very visible. Krishna Vamsi makes ridicule out of the pre-climax scenes. Charan Raj’s character is quite irritating. Lack of Entertainment is big minus of the film. Sai Karthik is surprisingly good and his background score is an absolute stunner in the film. The Narration takes the beaten path. Dialogues in the film are routine. Cinematography by Santhosh Rai is middling. Colour Grading and Visual style never pleases the eyes. Overall Paisa could have been a great entertainer.

Technical Aspects
Cinematography is very weak. Production values are Okay. Direction is not up to mark. Editing is very bad. Songs and background music is good. Dialogues do not have any special qualities.

Final Talk
Paisa is not a great entertained movie. In spite of some good efforts from Nani, this movie will face huge challenges at the Box Office. Let’s us wait and see what happens

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

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