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Action Jackson Movie Review

Action Jackson Movie Review

By now, we all know and agree to the fact that Bollywood is all about mix and match. A pinch of one film’s plot mixed with another film’s climax is something we have witnessed on the silver screen many a times. Does this week’s release ACTION JACKSON by Prabhu Dheva also fall in the same category or does it have something really fresh and innovative to offer? Let’s analyse.

The film starts off with the entry of Vishy (Ajay Devgn) in his regular fashion that’s combined with élan and style. For reasons unexplained till almost the interval, Vishy is at the target point of many goons who follow him left, right and centre to bump him off. As if this wasn’t enough, there comes Khushi (Sonakshi Sinha) who ‘experiences good luck’ in succession after seeing Vishy ‘family jewels’. With this, Vishy adds one more ‘stalker’ to his list! It’s only towards the interval that the audiences get to know that Vishy has a doppelganger by the name of ‘AJ’, who by profession is a killer. And then it becomes clear that the goons actually mistook Vishy to be AJ and hence followed him everywhere. And when AJ and Vishy meet, the former explains the reason to the latter and his friend (Kunaal Roy Kapur) that since he refused to marry the dreaded goon and mafia kingpin Xavier (Anand Raj)’s highly obsessed sister Marina (debutante Manasvi Mamgai), the goons are out to kill him and the love of his life Anusha (Yami Gautam). Tracking down AJ in India, Xavier sends his henchmen to India to kill AJ, which is when AJ devises a plot with the help of Vishy to destroy Xavier and his crazy sister Marina and protect his wife and new born baby.

Does the simple man Vishy say yes to be a part of this risk taking plan and go to meet Marina in a foreign country, does the dreaded villain Xavier get to know about the plan of the duo, does AJ get to save the love of his life and does Khushi become truly lucky and unite with Vishy again is what forms the rest of the story.

Prabhu Dheva, seems to have gone all out to infuse every possible element in this film and has tried to mount it on the same canvas as that of WANTED, ROWDY RATHORE AND R… RAJKUMAR! The sad part is that this time round, he fails miserably and falls flat on his face. Going by the looks of it, it seems like Prabhu Dheva was in a tearing hurry to recreate the same magic of the aforementioned films. Despite ACTION JACKSON being a Bollywood film, the look and feel of the film is that of loud South Indian films. While the film drags in the first half endlessly, the second half too barely has anything in it to hold the audience’s attention. The film has no script whatsoever and has been put together haphazardly on the editing table glued together which non-sensical graphics and animation.

As far as the performances are concerned, even the seasoned and ever dependable actor like Ajay Devgn couldn’t save the film from drowning ever since the word go. The otherwise composed Ajay seems to be confused himself as to what exactly was being required of him to do in the film. There is hardly any element of Ajay Devgn which we haven’t seen in his previous films. The same applies to Sonakshi Sinha, who seems to be repeating all of her previous acts in this film too. She appears in the first half and completely disappears until the climax. Yami Gautam has a sort of extended cameo and her character is just subject to unbearable violence with the goons bashing her up in every second scene. Sadly for the debutante Manasvi, this film does no good, as her character is shown to be plain psychotic to disturbing levels. The young actress is just made to play a bold part and do ample of skin show.

One can easily blame the writers of the film for having written a disastrous script (if there was one) which is heavily inspired from the 70s and 80s potboilers. The music (Himesh Reshammiya) of the film is nothing to write about, and background score (Sandeep Chowta) is loud. This only means that the film’s choreographers (Vishnu Deva, U. Jogasekhar, VJ Sekhar) also will be at the suffering end because of the bad music and songs which seem to have been infused in the film. What’s shocking is that, Prabhu Dheva, despite being an ace dancer and choreographer himself, wasn’t able to help Ajay who seemed to be struggling with his dance steps. The film’s editing (Bunty Nagi) has no logic or pattern.

On the whole, ACTION JACKSON is a highly avoidable affair.

The Rating
2 out of 5
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