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Yuddam Movie Review

Yuddam Movie Review


Rishi (Tarun), state student leader falls in love with Madhu (Yami Gautam), daughter of local goon Shankaranna (Srihari) who enjoys mass support, during a college tussle. Shankaranna attracts the wrath of another rowdy (Nagineedu) while he stops encroachment of oldage home and the rowdy plans to kidnap Madhu. In the meantime Rishi and Madhu’s love track hits speed breaker with Rishi’s brother reveals his love for Madhu with Rishi. The question is how Rishi comeout successfully in his life’s Yuddham.


Tarun fails to impresss in his second innings. He is ok with his looks but it is better he settles for character roles. Yami Gautam got good role with much scope for performance, but she failed miserably on all fronts. Srihari too got good role but sadly fails to make an impact. Nagineedu, Chandramohan are ok while Venu Madhav and Krishna Bhagavan fails with their comedy.


Bharati Ganesh seems to have got inspired by Bollywood film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Had he stuck to the original, he could have achieved moderate success. However he infused his own creativity anf failed miserably. First half is bad and second half turns worse. Weak storyline, insipid dialogues shows lack of commitment on the part of film unit. Director failed in screenplay,story,direction.


Production values are below average. Jaswanth’s Cinematography is pretty ordinary. Eiditing is poor.Chakri’s background score is good, music is ok.


Tarun failed at box office battle.

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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