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Will Pawan Change his Style?

Will Pawan Change his Style?

Pawan Kalyan will make movies on different types of subjects once he steps into politics, this is believed by many. They believe that he will make films on social messages. Normally, Pawan doesn’t make films on serious and message giving subjects. Till now he has made films on entertaining subjects only.

After Pawan becoming a party leader, he experienced a change in his image before the public. Many youths are among his followers. He must make film like Tagore if he wants to influence people of all ages.

He was recently offered to remake Kaththi which is Vijay’s hit film. It is said that Kaththi is the perfect film for Pawan Kalyan as it deals with the problems of farmers. But Pawan denied the offer by simply saying that the story doesn’t suit him.

We wonder if Pawan continues to make films like Gabbar Singh and Jalsa or he will change his style before he joins politics for full.

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