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Why Sridevi turned down to act with Kamal?

Why Sridevi turned down to act with Kamal?

Recently, Sridevi turned down the offer of Kamal Haasan to work with him in the Tamil remake of ‘Drushyam’. This thing turned the tables around and people started guessing about the possible reasons for this ‘No’ from Sridevi. We put here a few of them, as per our sources.

It is said that Boney Kapoor is behind the scene in the whole story. Sridevi was warned by his husband that Kamal is going through a bad phase in industry and the movie may be delayed for any unknown reason. Boney did not want her wife to wait for the release. Another reason is the fear of Boney Kapoor who thinks that his wife will later be force to do a kissing scene with Kamal Haasan who is not making any film these days without a lip-lock.

The other reason, as per the talks around, Shruti Haasan recently turned down the offer of Boney Kapoor in the last minute demanding high remuneration. So, there are number of reasons for his Sridevi’s ‘No’.

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