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Why Maneka Gandhi Supports ‘Entertainment’?

Why Maneka Gandhi Supports ‘entertainment’?

Animal-rights activist and Union Minister Maneka Gandhi who hosted a special premiere of the film in the Capital last evening has extended support to Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Entertainment’, for using the dog in the film in a friendly way.
Mrs. Gandhi said that, “The film has been endorsed by us. A dog has been used in the film but it has been used in a respectful manner. I am happy to have this event as our annual fund-raiser”.
She further added, “After the law of not portraying animals in cruel manner has been passed, filmmakers are using them in a good way. They don’t want to take a fight with Censor Board first and then with me. I am happy to see that now they are respecting animals”.
She started the organization
‘People for Animals’ (PFA) in 1992 and it is the largest organization for animal rights/welfare in India.

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