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What Analysts Suggest The ‘politician’ Pawan.

What Analysts Suggest The ‘politician’ Pawan.

Pawan Kalyan took the entry into politics for the reasons yet not understood for the masses. Even the political analysts are confused about his future policy and program. The analysts suggest this Power Star the 3 things which he could do to gain over the masses.

* RESPECT BUT WITHOUT KEY POST: Pawan has been a follower of yellow party till now but his future in politics depends upon how he ties up with the ruling machinery. If he remains the same Pawan for yellow-men, then this strategy would do wonders for him.

* CONTESTING FOR KEY POST BUT NO RESPECT FROM MEDIA: If Pawan goes against the yellow party, then he has to face the hard time. His efforts and political litmus-test will define his future. The pro-yellow media will try to degrade Pawan’s party which may turn turmoil for the Power Star.

* TO BECOME LIKE ANNA HAZARE: pawan kalyan should be inspired from Anna Hazare and do the services as a politician without hoping to get key posts, if any.

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