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Veena Malik Makes Fun of Mallika’s Bachelorette Show

Veena Malik Makes Fun of Mallika's Bachelorette Show

Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat is currently conducting a reality show The Bachelorette India, designed after US reality show of match making. Veena Malik whose search for a right match in Swayamvar in Imagine TV didnot fulfill her dreams and the channel itself on the verge of shutting down, says “Swayamvar was very big and I believed in Swayamvar. I was also offered ‘The Bachelorette’, but I found it to be a copy of Swayamvar and I rejected it. Swayamvar was a huge platform and after that I thought The Bachelorette India was not very flattering.”. She went on to add
“I would have done the show if I would have thought I will get married. I didn’t find The Bachelorette India exciting or genuine,”. On her marriage plans she said “I believe in marriage and I will get married. I will find someone soon as couples are made in heaven.”

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