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Sidharth Malhotra is Now Trying to lose the Weight

Sidharth Malhotra is Now Trying to lose the Weight

Sidharth Malhotra next upcoming with Brothers movie in which he went on for weight gaining and now the actor is all set to lose the weight he had put on for his role as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Sidharth has opted for what he calls ‘food rehab’, by eating only vegetarian food with no extra carbs or protein. He has cut down on his calorie intake too.

Sidharth for past 7 months was on a heavy non-vegetarian diet. His diet mainly included red meat and fish and gained about eight to nine kgs as it was required for the role.

And now actor wants to lose weight as he needs to start work on his next film, which requires him to have a regular physique.

The young actor has lost about two kilos and plans to cut five more in the next couple of months before he starts shooting for his next film.

Sidharth says that he can feel the change after eating a lot of non-vegetarian food and gaining weight quickly.

Sidharth confirmed the development saying, “I have eaten a lot of meat and fish in the past seven months to gain weight for my film, and now I’m going completely vegetarian to detox and to give my body a break.”

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