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Samantha Steals ‘Sikinder’ Show

Samantha Steals ‘Sikinder’ Show

The latest release of Tollywood ‘Sikinder’ starring Surya and Samantha, received the mixed reviews with the lead actors gaining all the gratitude for holding the grip on otherwise a poor story and dumb direction. The movie has got something sensational, which carried heat out of the movie.

Surya’s conviction towards the role is appraised by all while the actual hit is the glamour quotient added by the stunning beauty Samantha. Samantha boasted her slightly plump figure in two-pieces in the movie.

Samantha’s bikini scene has become talk of Tollywood at the moment. She is shot in a melodious song on the beaches of Goa in a two-piece bikini. Though she is covered with translucent tops over them except for those 4 seconds. She has increased her glamour quotient like never before and undeniably this is going to give sweat to her competitors.

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