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Samantha Gets Enough Prominence In ‘A… A…’ Teaser

Samantha Gets Enough Prominence In ‘A... A...’ Teaser

It is well aware that Samantha expressed her resentment as many directors are treating the heroines as glamour dolls and they are being used to shake legs with heroines and nothing more. She bemoaned that the directors giving prominence to the heroes and the heroines failed to get adequate say in any film. This statement was taken positively by some people and negative by others. However, director Trivikram understood her contention and satisfied her desire to get prominence in a film through the ‘A… Aa…’ teaser which was released recently. The director gave 30 seconds footage in a 45 seconds teaser. He gave dialogues only to the heroine and not for the hero. So, in the entire teaser, the heroine has got the prominence and thereby satisfied her desire.

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