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RGV’s Latest is A Warning For Girls.

Rgv’s Latest Is A Warning For Girls.

Ram GopalVarma’s forthcoming movie has been titled as ‘Anukshanam’ with a tag line ‘AmmayilooJagraththa'(Girls! Be Cautious). The ‘Ice Cream’ famed Tejaswi is playing the lead role in this movie too. The movie is said to be a suspense entertainer. Madhushalini will add the cast with a journalist’s role.

RGV, as he is famous for doing something new everytime, will not sell the movie to the distributors. Instead, the movie will be auctioned on his websiewww.filmauction.in. Anybody can bid for this movie after paying a certain amount as a deposit. Those who fails to bid successfully will get their money back.

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