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RGV Tweets on Pawan’s Piracy Speech

RGV Tweets on Pawan's Piracy Speech

Ram Gopal Varma, the maveric director responded in his own style to Pawan Kalyan‘s powerful speech on piracy makers of his film Attarintiki Daredi during the Thank You function.

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted in the following fashion.

“Pawan Kalyan not naming any1 will make all the conspirators involved sweat like anything forever till the time they are punished

The anger in Pawan Kalyan’s voice and eyes is frozen which will simply explode some day without even giving a boiling point warning

Pawan kalyan when giving warning to the conspirators behind the piracy of Attarintiki daaredi looked and sounded like a Cold Volcano.

Many feel that Ramu’s volcano started burning and he may explode in a bigger manner than Pawan Kalyan. ”

Attarintiki Daaredi turned out to be blockbuster even after the entire first half found its way on internet before the release of the film.

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