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Ran-Kat Wedding Holdup:Mommy Neetu

Ran-Kat Wedding Holdup:Mommy Neetu

Ranbir Kapoor bollywood’s heartthrob might be in news often for his love life, but itseems to be await more for their wedding. The actor, who is currently immured to be dating ‘Barbie Doll’ Katrina Kaif, was dope to be tying the knot with his ladylove early next year.

But, all these rumours have now been put to rest by mommy Neetu Kapoor. , it may take a bit a year or two years but the veteran actress was recently quoted as saying as although she would love to see her son tying the knot.

Well, this revelation of sorts will definitely make the Ran-Kat fans a little disheartened, this couple’s wedding is most awaiting of Bollywood. But marriage still takes time to stay together.

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