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Raj Kiran Hospitalised Due to Delay in The Release of Geethanjali

Raj Kiran Hospitalised Due To Delay In The Release Of Geethanjali

Director Raj Kiran got severe chest pain and a mild heart attack. He was unable to bear the Censor delays related to his debut movie Geethanjali. Like it is said that success has the power to heal anything which medicines cannot, same is the case with Raj Kiran.
After few hours when Raj Kiran was admitted into the hospital, the Censor Board issued a certificate to Geethanjali allowing it to get released on August 9 without any issues. This film is a horror comedy one. People are saying that if the Board has earlier issued the certificate, Raj would not have been hospitalized. The whole unit of the film was upset with the delay of the film’s release but they were relieved when they heard about the confirmed release date. Everyone who is a part of the film including the lead actress Anjali wants the film to be successful so that Raj Kiran gets a relief.
In this context Anjali said, “It’s not just a horror comedy, there’s plenty of emotion and commercial elements inside Geethanjali. We do liked it very well after watching first copy, hope audiences will also acknowledge it.”
Let us hope for the speedy recovery of Raj Kiran and also for the huge success of his film. All the very best!

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