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Protest Against ‘PK’ Continued in Delhi

Protest Against ‘PK’ Continued in Delhi

On Wednesday, about 200 Bajrang Dal activists protested against the screening of ‘PK’ in Delhi. They protested outside a cinema hall and stopped the screening. The activists say that the film is against the religious sentiments of Hindus.

NeerajDoneria who is the convener of the Bajrang Dal of Delhi said to IANS that the activists protested outside NandNagri’sGagan cinema in east Delhi around 11:30 in the morning.

He said, “We protested against the screening the movie and also burned Aamir‘s effigies and the film’s posters.”

He demanded to ban the screening of the film in theatres. The protestors also blocked for 30 minutes the Sunder Nagri Road near the cinema hall.

The police said that enough policemen were employed at the area to avoid any accident. Doneria also said that they only stopped protesting when they were assured by the owner of the cinema hall that he would not screen the film any more.

The Bajrang Dal activists and Vishva Hindu Parishad protestors also protested on Tuesday at various other cinema halls in central and south Delhi and demanded ban on screening of ‘PK’.

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