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Prince Racing to No 1

Prince Racing to No 1

Super Star Mahesh babu might have tasted rare failure in form of 1-Nenokkadine as his experimental flick turned out to be a disaster. However there is no stopping him from racing to the no1 spot in Tollywood as craze for him is increasing day by day.

Analysts feel that earlier Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Prince Mahesh Babu used to have star wars for to become super star of Tollywood silver screen. However now with Pawan Kalyan entering politics, starting his Janasena, there is no stopping Prince Mahesh Babu.

Even if Mega family wish to regain the top position in the industry, Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Stylish Star Allu Arjun have to strive hard for success. At present Mahesh made war one sided.

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