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Pawan in Charmi’s Bedroom

Pawan in Charmi's Bedroom

All movie lovers are suffering from Pawan Kalyan‘s mania. While some feel proud to be associated with it, others feel it mandatory to be in the limelight to gain some attention and benefit from it.

According to the latest Pawan entered into Charmi‘s bed room. Charmi who is currently starring in Mantra-2 released a poster in which Pawan Kalyan’s Attarintiki Daredi is found pasted on Charmi’s bedroom.

It may not be Charmi who is trying to cash in to Pawan’s image but Mantra 2 filmmakers feel there is nothing wrong in using Pawan’s name for publicity. Many earlier used it in their films and are proud to be associated with it. It has to be seen whether Pawan can change Charmi’s luck on silver screen.

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