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Minugurulu Movie Review

Minugurulu Movie Review

Minugurulu right from the start attracted Tollywood celebrities and people who crave for good films. The thought of 48 blind kids starring in the film itself created enormous interest. During the premiers,celebrities who watched the film lavished praises on the filmmakers and also on all the kids who performed exceptionally. The film released today in theaters and let us see what it has got in store.

Story Line

Raju (Deepak Saroj) finds himself in a orphan house run by Narayanulu (Ashish Vidyarthi), after his father, who is a drunkard,disowns him after his vision gets spoiled while he was developing a film at a photo studio. This happens after Raju’s mother dies prior to his losing his vision. However things gets worse as Narayanulu ill treats all blind kids by misusing the funds allocated for them. Raju and four of the inmates ¬†Mynah, Sukumar, Bhaskar and Anand decides to complain against Nrayanulu to District Collector. However their plan fails as letter falls in the hands of Narayanulu who tortures them to the core. Even after undergoing humiliations at the hands of the wicked warden Narayanulu, the blind kids do not lose hope but conducts operation ‘divya drishti’ to expose Narayanulu’s evil acts recording them in a video. How the blind kids escape from the clutches of notorious Narayanulu forms rest of the story.

Star Shine

Deepak Saroj came with a stellar performance. He performed like a seasoned and star artist. One should learn the skills of acting from him. His expressions and dialogue delivery, on screen presence is unmatched. Ashish Vidyarthi attracts the wrath of all as a wicked warden. This itself tells about his performance. Others did according to the script, though they cannot overpower these two in performances.


Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty,director tried to be different by deciding to address the situation faced by blind kids in hostels. Though he didnot include any mass and commercial elements, he scripted his story in a interesting manner and spellbound all with his screenplay. Dialogues are witty and good. Film from the beginning makes everyone involved in it. But natural treatment of the film with slow pace, leaves no scope for it to succeed at the box office.


Production values are good. Rajasekhar Sharma’s music and background score is beautiful and it bowled viewers. Cinematography in the film is excellent.

Movie Marks

Minugurulu moves movie lovers with realistic portrayal. Film will surely win many awards at international film festivals.

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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