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Love You Bangaram Movie Review

Love You Bangaram Movie Review

Story begins with Rahul entrance who works at Celkon Mobiles as assistant manager. He cannot do any work with confidence and vigor. Meenakshi (Sravya), a complete opposite of Akash falls in love with him and the couple gets married. Akash is head over heels in love with Meenakshi and is ever ready to do anything for her. However, he has an inner fear that she might slip out of his life. Meenakshi expresses her will to work as she feels bored at home and Akash obliges it. Meenakshi’s teenage lover (Madan) comes to the scene. As a result, Akash’s suspicion grows stronger as days pass by. Is Meenakshi really on the wrong track?

Plus Points
Sravya looks decent
Last 20 minutes
Grow Up comedy scene

Minus Points
Routine story
Adult Jokes
The vulgarity level in this film
Too many songs
Voice modulation and dialogue delivery are big minus points

Story having little offense element, it would have been good if the story directly gets launched. Instead of that, he showed Love, Marriage and Romance with commercial point of view in mind. Director doesn’t seem to like Software Professionals and there were many satires on them. In a huge software company, neither of the employees works. This film is not even B grade, it is beyond that.
Adult jokes and scenes work only if they are handled in the right way. Otherwise, things become ugly, obscene and unbearable. This is exactly what happened with ‘Love You Bangaram’.

JB’s background score is good. Production value is okay. Lot of Editing work was pending and there are no sharp cuts, Cinematography is the only worth mentioning aspect of this film.

Final talk
This film is not even B grade; it is a very poorly executed film, with C grade technical standards and terrible performances

The Rating
1.5 out of 5

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