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Kshatriya Movie Review

Kshatriya Movie Review

Story begins heroine entrance who is Landon born comes to India to settle down. She starts living in her ancestral home, which is eyed by her evil grandfather (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Dawood (Jaya Prakash Reddy) appoints Srikanth to follow Madhu. In the meanwhile, Grandfather Kota Srinivas plans to kill Madhu by Kshudra Pooja.
Due to which Madhu faces hard time in her home. Madhu tells Srikanth the entire story, and asks him for help. Srikanth decides to co-operate with her and starts finding out why all this is actually happening. To his shock, he finds out that Madhu has some key details related to her ancestral treasure, and that is the reason why everyone is behind her. what is next? Rest of the story on screens

Plus points
Second half

Minus points
Dragged Narration
First Half
Music and Climax

The direction is old-hat and clashed too. Story of the film is pretty good, but the way the film has been executed is bad. Screenplay of the movie goes for a toss and many scenes lack clarity. Though the idea of treasure hunt is good, a number of scenes do not have logic. Even music and camera work lack freshness .There are many loopholes in the script which he did not iron out. To the top of it, slow pace in the first half, dragged scenes and lack of entertainment and romantic elements alienated viewers from the film

Technical Aspects
Production values up to mark. Direction is pretty bad. Music and background score is very bad for the film. Editing is okay. Camerawork is OK and so are the dialogues.

Final talk
verall, Kshatriya is a big disappointment and violently boring.

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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