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It’s Back and NASTY-AIB Releases New Video-Honest Indian Wedding

It’s Back and NASTY-AIB Releases New Video-Honest Indian Wedding

For all those AIB Backch**d fans who have watched, re-watched , enjoyed and did what not with the AIB Knockout Roast with Karan Johar, Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor-here’s some breaking news. AIB has released a new comic take on Indian weddings-titled Honest Indian Wedding. This comic 2 part video would be based on the actual of a typical Indian wedding-right from the pre-wedding dowry discussion, the phera’s, wedding feasts and finally the typical Indian honeymoon. From what we saw and heard in AIB roast, the new videos are also full on double talk and nastier comic humour and have been released in Youtube. Honest Indian Wedding promises to be a realistic take on Indian weddings and the stuff, negotiations, Naach-Gaana and people that go with it-but with the typically enjoyable vulgarity that AIB offers. Watch how Pankaj says about the strength of his forearm when he talks to Poonam before their wedding. Need we say more…as AIB-is to be listened to be believed.NOW GO WATCH IT –but expect a nasty humorous plot as against a continuous show like what we saw last time!

AIB : Honest Indian Weddings (Part 1)

AIB : Honest Indian Weddings (Part 2)

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