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Illeana’s Confession Of Love

Illeana’s Confession Of Love

Illeana is a girl linked with every star now and then. She kept denying any allegations of affair expect for the one. Once she confirmed that her heart was broken when a South actor rejected her love.

Now, Ileana got a new man in her life. He is none other than Andrew, an Australian photographer. Recently, the things gone open to air when both of the love-birds confirmed their commitment to each other on social networking site.

When someone asked Andrew about how girls would easily get flattered for any man, the photographer replied, “Ladies love a man who can make a decent Latte, cook a meal and do single arm push-ups”. Responding to the post, Illeana replied that none of her fans would ever want to listen to. Illeana said, “Ha haha, is it any wonder why I love you?”

That is how she confirmed her commitment to the photographer. Then, the story cooked later has left no doubts. “When you said you did, I won life’s lottery. I love you”, this was the reply of the photographer.

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