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D for Dopidi Movie Review

D for Dopidi Movie Review

There are four friends Raju , Vicky , Harish and Bannu have different needs in their lives and decides to rob a bank to meet them. They watch a lot of heist dramas, procure fake weapons and finally muster the courage to storm ‘National Bank’ in Manikonda area. The plan seems to work initially, but like all ‘well laid’ plans, it does not account for unexpected twists. Rest of the on screens

Plus Points
Nani Voice
First Half

Minus Points
Daggered scenes
A heist drama
Second half
Logic missing

Technical Aspects
Production values are good. Cinematography is very average.
Editing could have been much better.
Dialogues are very average.
Direction is not up to the mark

Varun Sandesh is just okay as one of the main leads. There is nothing special that he adds to his character. Sundeep Kishan is as casual as usual. Naveen hams and Rakesh is alright. Tanikella Bharani, Hema, Pridhvi Raj did their bit. Deva Katta is stiff. There is not much to write about other actors

D for Dopidi is Boring and Silly film. Director is not made film up to the mark. The film drags on an on, especially in the second half. The bank robbery scenes have been handled quite poorly. The climax block is quite immature. First half of the film is quite good with bit comedy scenes. Kishan and Varun Sandesh have done a good job with what was given to them. Melanie Kannokada is just about ok. Deva Katta looks good as an ACP.Films like these are not entirely new to our audience. We have seen better crime comedies where script is so tight and where there is room for so much comedy. Except for some decent performances and the presence of people like Nani, Tanikella Bharani and Deva Katta, this movie has nothing much to offer.

Final talk
D for Dopidi on a whole doesn’t live up to the expectations and ends up as a below average film.

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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