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Beeruva and Patas USA Premiers Confirmed

Beeruva and Patas USA Premiers Confirmed

All digital drives were delivered to all the USA theaters for Beeruva and Patas. Premiere shows in all the locations were confirmed as per published theaters list. We are screening Beeruva Premiers in 35 locations and Patas Premiers in about 20 locations. Online ticketing is already opened in some location and other locations will be updated soon.
Both movies coming with Positive Pre-release buzz as full length comedy based entertainers. If you are looking for a classic comedy entertainer with different concept then Beeruva is your choice or if you are looking for a mass masala entertainer then Patas is the best choice. Either way entertainment is guaranteed with both the films. Don’t miss out the fun.
All premiere shows for both movies only $12 adults and $8 kids.
Enjoy these movies during this week end on the big screens and stay away from piracy.

Press Note issued by BlueSky Cinemas Inc.

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