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‘Badlapur’ Is In Mumbai Surprised Huma

'Badlapur' Is In Mumbai Surprised Huma

“Badlapur” directed by Sriram Raghavan has Huma Qureshi as a leading lady in the film. When the actress agreed to be a part of the film she wasn’t aware of the place by the same name.
The Delhi girl got intrigued by the title of the film and quizzed the team on the same. She was pleasantly surprised on learning that Badlapur is a place in Mumbai. She wanted to visit the place since the title of her next film caught her fancy. She recently made a day trip to Badlapur and had “fun”.
Huma said in a statement, “Yes. Badlapur is an interesting name. It was a fun trip”. The film also features Varun Dhawan and shooting of the film will start soon.

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