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Baahubali Clip leaked, Severe Action Against Offenders

Baahubali Clip leaked, Severe Action Against Offenders

Few days ago a clip of ‘Bahubali’ was leaked in online by some individuals. A very severe action is taken by the producers and anti piracy cell of the Film Chamber on the people who are spreading. A 12 minute video from the film in raw shooting mode, without any VFX or post-processing correction, has been leaked online.

Complaints have been filed against individuals by the team and the Cyber Crime division in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Police Departments is tracking all Twitter and Facebook users who post or share links to this video. The film unit has been fighting the spread of this video but their efforts are being hampered by some individuals on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Individuals who have leaked have been arrested and more are on the way. Police officials are promising severe action against the offenders. The producers as well as the Film Industry’s anti-piracy team is taking this matter very seriously as a number of high budget projects are being affected by the acts of a few pirates.

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