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Amitabh Admires The Legend Dilip Kumar

Amitabh Admires The Legen Dilip Kumar

The star of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan was very fond of hindi cinema from a very young age. When he was able to understand and assess performance, he realized he was a huge fan of legendary actor Dilip Kumar.
Recently at the launch of Dilip Kumar’s autobiography Big B said, “I had great fondness of his work. When I see his movies I am convinced that there cannot be an alternative to it.”
Interestingly, Big B narrated how Salim Khan, Javed Akhtar would meet at his place and once the trio went to meet Dilip Kumar at 2 am. Dilip Saab woke up came up to meet them and they chatted till 5 am. It was a very memorable incident for him.

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