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Aadu Magadura Bujji Movie Review

Aadu Magadura Bujji Movie Review


Happy go lucky guy Siddhu(Sudheer Babu) loves a girl Indu (Asmita Sood) in the first instance. He tries to win her over joining her gollege. However Indu’s brother Cherry (Ranadhir) bashes who ever follows her. Siddhu diverts him by making him fall in love with Anjali (Poonam Kaur). Anjali is however the nephew of Goonda Shankar (Ajay). He plans to marry her as her father (Suman) is an MP. Siddhu crosses his ways. Now the question is where all these love stories lead to forms the rest of the story.


Sudhir Babu is working hard to bring something new with all his films. But still he should improve in his peformance. He should develop ease and one gets the feeling that he cannot improve his dialogue delivery. He is good in comedy but failed in serious and emotional scenes. His expressions didnot augur well in the climax. However he did well in dances and fights. He showed six packs in a song but one wonder who gained by that six pack show. Asmita Sood didnot attract even with acting and beauty. Only Ajay impressed as a vicious villain. Naresh and 30yrs Prithvi entertained with their comedy. Suman didnot get much scope to perform.


There is nothing new in the story. Krishnadasu, protege of Rajamouli didnot show his creativity in screenplay. However he was successful in making the film without making one get too vexed and he depended on comedy for it. However there is nothing in the film to entertain masses. Director ignored logic totally and depended only on dog comedy. Romantic scenes didnot click properly. There are lot of loopholes in the film.


Nothing to rave about Technical dept. Sri’s music and BGM is average. Noting new in his music. Santonio’s cinematography is average. Padmasri’s dialogues are ok. He just looked for rhyming in his dialogues. In some scenes it worked. Editing is not that great.


It has to be seen how B,C centres enjoy Aadu Magaadu Raa Bujji. Overall its a boring stuff.

The Rating
2 out of 5

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