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‘A’ Certificate Was Expected for NH10

‘A’ Certificate Was Expected for NH10

Actress Anushka Sharma says that she was aware of the fact that her debut movie production NH10 will pass the censor formalities with A certificate. She said, “When we made the film, we knew there is a possibility of getting A-certificate. We stayed true to the story, we stayed real to the subject… I think every film is not for everyone.”

NH10 is directed by Navdeep Singh in which the lead roles are played by Anushka and Neil Bhoopalam.

Anushka is very much confident about the success of her film as she says, “If actors start thinking that because of us, everything will work, then that’s stupidity. Audiences may come to watch a film because of your popularity, but after that, it’s the script and content that matters. You are as good as your work you do.”

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