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Revolutionary TS-IPASS Scheme to be Launched on June 12’

The Telangana State Industrial Project Self-Approval and Certification(TS-iPASS) bill was passed by the Telangana assembly in November last year and the revolutionary single window and expedited clearence for industrial projects is all set to be launched on June 12’ at HICC, Madhapur. The launch of the unique project is being planned in a grand scale with the participation of more than 300 CEO’s of several industrial groups as well as a wide group of delegates from the industry, bankers, entrepreneurs and leading luminaries from the Indian corporate groups. The event would be conducted by a professional event organizing firm along with publicity being handled by a separate PR agency as against the state government machinery. Personal letter invitees have been sent to various MNC companies as well to big industrial houses personally by the Chief Minister’s office, and the rest have been sent dedicated invitations.
The noteworthy bill initiated and implemented by the Telangana government under the leadership of Sri.K Chandrasekhar Rao aims to reduce the delay in approving projects for micro small, medium and large scale proposals and offers a single-window point of submission for all related clearances and permissions that a proposal would have to individually apply in the past. This gives applicants a simple application procedure as well as easier follow-up as the entire process is consolidated. Project proposals have been divided into micro (Upto 25 Lakhs), small (25 Lakhs to 5 Crores), medium (5-10 Crores) as well as large categories(10-200 Crores) based on the budget involved and special projects having a budget of more than 200 Crores or providing employment for more than 1000 people would be considered as mega projects and qualify for additional sops as well as being individually followed-up by a special chasing cell in the Chief Minister’s office, as well as having a separate board for clearing the proposals. The projects can be in diverse segments and the government has allocated 10% of water resources specifically for industrial growth.
The Timeframe: The TS-iPASS aims to being expedited industrial growth by providing a quick process for getting the regulatory clearances from various departments for setting-up industries across the state. The maximum time in which a single project proposal has to be cleared is 15 Days from the date of a submission, and any delay on that part would cause the clearance committee to be penalized on a day-to-day basis. Also, any lapses or omissions in the proposal should be notified to the applicant within 14 days, and in case no such communications are received, it’s deemed to have been approved.
The Benefit for the Industry: Such a streamlined and expedited scheme for industrial clearance will attract a lot of potential investors as well as make the process easier to follow, instead of having multiple application submissions to various departments, and getting caught in red-tape, bureaucratic hurdles and possible corruption, all of which are counter-productive to industrial development. This step is one of the many landmark reforms launched by the KCR government in projecting and implementing easy and hurdle-free governance to citizens as well as the industry, and it aims to make Telangana the forefront in industrial growth in the coming years, as part of its vision for a fully-developed Telangana.

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