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Fight for Sachin already started!

Fight for Sachin already started!

Even as Sachin Tendulkar is bringing down curtains to his distinguished cricketing career and is busy leaving sweet signature on Mumbai ground in style, fight for Sachin has already started. While Congress Party which honoured him with Rajya Sabha MP seat is getting ready to make him the star campaigner for the coming general elections next 2014, other parties are opposing it tooth and nail. They call one shouldn’t belittle a national treasure like Sachin Tendulkar, The country’s pride.

In the meantime even cricket boards of various states are fighting to make him their brand ambassador. When Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association is in the forefront of it, some others even requested Sachin Tendulkar not to associate with it due to rampant corruption in it.

Sachin always stayed away from controversies and let us see how he handles this tricky situation off field.

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