Sri Ram Sena attacks girls at Mangalore pub

Sri Ram Sena attacks girls at Mangalore pub

Sri Ram Sena attacks girls at Mangalore pub

About 15 to 20 Sri Ram Sena activists had assaulted boys and girls in the pub in Mangalore on Saturday night, saying they engaged in obscene dance which is against Indian culture. The assault, particularly on girls, had evoked outrage. The chief minister told reporters in Mangalore that the episode was very unfortunate.

Though 17 activists of Sri Ram Sena have been taken into custody in the Mangalore pub attack case, Ram Sena remains unapologetic about the attack and its founder P Muthalik termed the incident as a small thing.

The arrested persons have been remanded to judicial custody till Tuesday by a magistrate.

Police are also on the look out for some more Sena activists who are absconding.

State Home Minister V S Acharya said in Manipal that stringent action would be initiated against those involved in the assault.

Sri Ram Sena attacks girls at Bangalore pub video

Ram Sena founder Muthalik arrested

25 Responses to “Sri Ram Sena attacks girls at Mangalore pub”

  1. Azeemi says:

    Shame on Hindus

  2. ramesh says:

    Boys and Girls nowdays are ruining Indian culture. Particulary Girls are dressing like tomboys and dancing with their boy friends. I support Ram Sena who attaked the pub in mangalore. In this way all the pubs in India should be banned or shut down. It is pity that Shila Dixit, being a woman, protested against the good act. Now days youth are valuing science and entertainment, forgetting our culture behind. Parents should know how to bring up their children, gender wise. I wish that the same thing should happen in every pub in Mangalore and Hyderabad.

  3. ramesh says:

    Pub Culture is a threat to Indian Culture. Indians should know that Distant are the shiny hills. Now days the youth, particularly Girls are going for pubs in immodest tomboy costumes, leaving their feminity and shy behind. Indian culture respect women alot. When girls go like this, how can they regain respect in the society? Women are the pillars of the culture. What happens if the the pillars ruin? Fashion that goes beyond culture is dangerous. I support Shiv Sena in this act. I wish that the Pub culture in India may vanish. It is everyone’s duty to conserve our culture.

  4. rahul says:

    these activists are such an ass hole….. they are bludy dehatis. till what time they will stop this. pub is not a bad thing. the only thing should be banned is shiv sena, ram sena n the other ass holes…. dehati..s….

  5. rahul says:

    these activist hav no work to do.. they just do it for… politics… these dehatis should know that 90% things used in india are western trend…..

  6. nish says:

    these activists are dehatis… they are illitrate n do such kind of cheap activities..only for politics. these activists r damaging hindus culture….. n prooving that india is backward. these illitrate people talk about culture….? they do what their master tells them. if they really care about indian culture how can they hit a girl. is this how our culture is…? these activists r bringing shame on india……….

  7. Richa says:

    this is not hinduism anymore it is hindu taliban….next thing they’ll be telling us is that we should wear full sleeves n high necks n burkha’s like our muslim friends…it just goes to show what a long journey india still has to travel in order to become a fully developed nations….though with such illiterate people around, i doubt the day will ever come…i pity our country, every day a new scar on its face in the name of religion….god save us

  8. raghav says:

    hum aaj bhi aajaad nahin hai, in sale politicians ke haanth ki kathputli hain, ye chahte hain ki hum aaj bhi inke hissab se chale, then how cum we are independent.
    & specially Ramsena & Shivsena & all these dals/Parties who say that we are in favour of culture & all, al of these are real ass holes they protest to ban a movies having adult scenes or sum short dress scenes but did sum one ask them how cum they know all thse things withouit watching a movie.
    these are the first ones to see & create trouble, they just want to show how powerful they are & we INDIANS still following the BHED CHAAL, & start following them without thinking.
    Sum of them in these parties & organisations forget that their Son / daughter studing in convent schools or colleges are a part of it too.

  9. Dr.Gurdarshan says:

    these people so called commanders for cultures are self centred illiterate dumbs who probably know nothing bout culture. i am sure Mr. Muthalik wont even be knowing anything before birth of Lord Rama and after Sita was taken back. also they dont have any right to curtail freedom of a citizen. half of men who assaulted the pub are attension seeker non sense idiots and rest are preverted personalities who are there just for molestation

  10. Samatha says:

    @ Ramesh.
    Shame on you to support those goondas. before talking about ruining Indian culture tell me what do you know about indian culture? You justify that some goondas going into a pub and attacking women is proper? Where did Indian culture teach that you shud beat up women and children to maintain the culture? Have you ever read the gita or the vedas or the upanishads in Your whole life? if you havent then you dont know what Indian culture is all about.

    @ Azeemi look at poor muslim women. They are not even treated like human beings in most of the muslim countries. They are treated worser than animals mainly in afghanistan. They dont have schools and proper hospitals. Before criticizing others look at your own religion.

  11. vicky says:

    those boys who advocate girls going in pubs they dance with them and touch the secret parts

    of the body of the girls. they don’t have respect for the sister or daughter of other

    people. they even encourage these girls to have sex with our sisters and daughters. these

    boys are a kind of sex worker. these are main culprit. they are afraid if this is not

    allowed they will not able to misguide simple girls who are our sister or daughter. they are

    afraid if this is not allowed they will not able to kiss their lips or fuck them. they are

    playboys, which is like male sex worker. these boys are immature they should know there is

    alot to do in life, if you are in any service, studying or in any business. please get

    married and fufill your sexual desires. kindly don’t destroy our culture and misguide our

    sisters our daughters for whom we care a lot. they are not for you. kindly take care of

    these kind of boys parents…


    Boys and Girls nowdays are ruining Indian culture. Particulary Girls are dressing like tomboys and dancing with their boy friends. I support Ram Sena who attaked the pub in mangalore. In this way all the pubs in India should be banned or shut down. It is pity that Shila Dixit, being a woman, protested against the good act. Now days youth are valuing science and entertainment, forgetting our culture behind. Parents should know how to bring up their children, gender wise. I wish that the same thing should happen in every pub in Mangalore and Hyderabad.

  13. Padam Faddul says:

    I am agree that today’s youth fashion is going vulgar day by day. But the Ramsena’s action

    was completely wrong. Even god can not change a society by hitting the peoples. Today

    many small & little minded politicians wants to be highlighted in the media and they always
    been in seek of chance this incident is also belong to it. I have seen some politician of this

    kind habitual of visiting to call-girls in personal life.
    I have researched a lot on the matter why some girls like to show their nudity in public.

    Before discussing on this i want to reveal a secret which i found by observing & studying a lot of boys and girls of every age and their parents, grand parents in the past 15years.I found that every Male child likes to adopt genetic chemistry of his mother and every female child likes to adopt her father’s. Scientifically in 1st case mothers X chromosome is dominating fathers Y chromosome, in second case father’s X chromosome is dominating mother’s X chromosome. These mathematics told us that every male female is the both parts of a coin. A good mother can birth a good man and a good father can birth a good woman and vice-versa. I have seen that todays 80% men are alcholics , tobbaco addicted and also dont have respect to others wife sister and daughters, they always speaking rough words of mother and sister in their friend circles. And by doing this every molecule of their whole Body (shava + eva = Shiva= a very very innocent little child) gets well educated and programmed and producing these type of shameless womans. I have found good man & womans in all the major cities of india. yes they still exists but no. is very less.
    Thanks to all of you for reading it. i am not good in english writing, hence i am sorry for errors.

  14. Deva Reddy says:

    In India, there is only two religions one is Hindus and ther other is Ex Hindus. So called other than Hindus in India are once upon a time Hindus only. This Hindus culture is already disturbed by various religion factors and to protect this Indian Culture and Heritage the Vision of Sri Rama Sena is quite good but they are doing in negative way. I wish to reconsider their way of doing / methodology in protecting Indian culture rather hurting woman. They must do Counselling to youth not hurt. Hope Sri Rama Sena will do the good to society. Jai Hind

  15. Deva Reddy says:

    why christ and muslim feel jealous at Sri Rama Sena, Let we must teach that India has only 2 religions one is Hindu and other Ex Hindu. So called religions other than Hinus are once up on a time they are Hindus only. Let they must know thier great grand father worshiped Hindu. pls note it.

  16. David says:

    There are good things and bad things. The power to distinguish between good and bad comes from moral teachings.This should start from the childhood.Every religion preaches morality. Though sex is a reality, to perform that out of wedlock is immoral. Once U r indulged in this U have a tendancy 2 do it again; and drinking boosts the sexual thoughts. It is not good for the girls to drink and mingle with men. This will take the young generation to sexual perversion and spoil them completely. Sri Ram Sena’s intention is good.but the way they applied it was in a very raw manner. Oh young generation, there is one who owns ur soul.The Lord! Give back something to him. A body that is free of sin(to the maximum possible level) Imagine an India where an woman can walk freely without any disturbance. So, women if u start drinking in the public place what do u expect men to do. Do we need such a Bharat?.Never. Practice good things in life. Be proud Indian

  17. Amitkumar says:

    This is India, a secular democratic republic, where we expect all to respect all cultures, religions, communities. Some of the conservative people see western culture inducement in India as a big problem. It is acceptable that they hold these views. What is not acceptable is that they are trying to oppose this inducement by unconstitutional and criminal ways. Secondly they don’t have any right to impose their conservative thinking on other who are more liberal by violence, that is a social crime. Such conservative people often try to glorify their way of thinking by posing it as part of nationalism. They needs to be reminded that breaking a law and attacking someones civil rights is more anti-national than anything non-conservative people do that conservative people criticize them for. They needs to be reminded that Indian constitution, which we are all proud of, don’t agree with their morality standards that these conservative people uphold with violence. So if they do not comply with Constitution of India then they are actually anti-nationals. Conservative people again needs to be reminded that cultures in the world that they think are immoral, have produced worlds finest intellectuals, administrators, politicians, scholars and societies.

  18. Prithivi says:

    your RAM himself drinks.. do any one know that.. pls don’t talk about culture without knowing the history.. when guys are allowed to drink girls must also be allowed to drink.. every one has the right to live their life as the wish….. following a religion is good but insisting others to follow that is a crime. it is like raping a girl. most of the Indian males are hypocrites. they like to drink & smoke but they wish women to stay away from drinks and cigarettes..
    all the men have this habit of imagining the nude figure of the females they know (friends, relations, film stars, whoever.. ). all the men are passionate about sex but they don’t want girls to be so.
    Girls, never depend on men.
    never marry a hypocrite.
    try to earn your own living.
    India is no place for peaceful living.. if this continues to be the same, don’t ever feel guilt about not working in your country or for your country. just fly away live happily..

  19. Stupid sriramsena says:

    screw hindu culture
    Society has changed….,
    Its time to be naughty….

    What the hell is hindu culture to stop it.

  20. shaji says:

    fk indian culture never asks anyone to hit a woman…

    and all the ppl supporting ram sena.. even the women who were abused were someones sisters…

  21. Arjun Singh Rathore says:

    Ramesh just because you are an old-timer doesn’t mean you can do whatever the hell you want what sri- ram sena did, a shame on the name of ram i am sure ram bhugwan wouldn’t have wanted to see his name being dragged into shit such as this, just because we want to drink or dance and have some fun while we are at it doesn’t mean we are away from our culture and beliefs plus what has history taught us about INDIAN culture?? Sati, no-unity, even after independence we had no unity you seriously want the indian youth to be like you?? you may as well get your panties up in a bunch we are here to stay your old thoughts time is up get lost

  22. lakshman says:

    super and amezing good job nice cont