Salman’s film ‘Ready’-Flop or Hit.

Salman’s film ‘Ready’-Flop or Hit.

16 Responses to “Salman’s film ‘Ready’-Flop or Hit.”

  1. manish says:

    its a super hit movie of all tym in cinemas…. tis movie break 3 idiots record for sure…..

  2. afshan khan says:

    it a super duper flop you magherchod manish

  3. famzzi says:

    its a super flop…telugu version was much better

  4. sohail says:

    it is a hit film hy afshan pleas frnd ship with me pleas give me ans

  5. Gohar says:

    Salman khan rocks. Shah rukh is no way near to him…Shah rukh purchases awards. Salman khan rules.

  6. faizan ali says:

    shah rukh khan is alwayz best.mind it gohar.shah rukh is king of bollywood

  7. mehwish says:

    ready was hit film,may be shahrukh is the king of bollywood,but every one knows that he cannot compare himself with salman u a lot salman.

  8. domesh says:

    salman khan flop srk is hitz

  9. jumbo says:

    Its a flop movie . worst sick acting

  10. Atty says:


  11. rashid khan says:

    this movie is very fiop

  12. boby says:


  13. BOBY says:


  14. roshan says:

    its super dooper flop,stop doing these type of films

  15. Khaled says:

    My best describe to all Indian movies this days is full off bulshit. Every one is a comedian, what is wrong with all Indian directors? They can’t even make good movies like Sule, Shakhty. I think Indian film should be categorised like Action, Thriller, Drama, Comedy etc. Instead of making bunch of crap comedy movies every year, bollywood directors should concentrate making mixed categorised movies. I would also like to put my views about recent released Ready; it’s a supper flop movie with all bunches of idiots. Salman Khan Shuits as an action hero as well as model. I am not comparing Salman with shahruk. In acting shahruk is better then salman. I am a fan of both but not disliking Salman.

  16. sarbajit says:

    when it comes 2 acting salman is no where infront of srk…srk is a actor and hes mind blowing in tht…bt salman is pretty bad in acting…