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Sainma Short Film – Watch Here

Sainma Short Film - Watch Here

Sainma Trailer – Short Film

Sainma Short Film Poster Designs

Sainma song – Merise Merise

Sainma Short Film – Watch Here

In a small sleepy town, trouble is brewing. Our ordinary looking hero Ramu aided by his faithful sidekick Galeez, fail in their masteplan to elope with Ramu’s sweetheart Ramula ( for the third time). The uproar and societal pressure that follows this midnight adventure makes way for a life changing decision.. will Ramu be able to fulfill his promise and claim his sweetheart’s hand in marriage? Will Ramu’s efforts manifest into his one true dream of making a film? How does he do it? And why?

Welcome to a story of love, drama, a comedy of errors and of course, Sainma. A story set with the images, sights and sounds of rural Telangana.

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