Ra.One: A hit or flop?

Ra.One: A hit or flop?

With the exemption of the second promo of SRK’s much awaited film ‘Ra.One’, many are pondering whether ‘Ra.One’ will succeed in winning the hearts of critics and moviegoers.

6 Responses to “Ra.One: A hit or flop?”

  1. MANAS says:

    hii friend ,it amazing film,really i liked the movei.hii friends pls go and watch the movei, we used to see all the traditional movei, see some thing creative,what mr srk has done, i love sarukh, i knw no body will comete with you, you are the king………………

  2. nayela says:

    i luv u shahrukh..u r fab..

  3. suman pjr says:

    It was the worst film that I ever watched… The fucking plot and showy expenditure.. Do you think this will make a film worth watching??? SRK has gone insane becoz of his ego… what the fuck does he think he is doing???? Few films were worth watching… with this film he is sure to be lost from the competition amongst three ‘khan’s…

  4. Prantik Baruah says:

    What a waste!!!!!!.. Only kids will like it. Hope who liked it are kids. Come on Sharukh you can’t fool the matured audience by copying all the stuff from other english hits. Gentle advice: don’t waste time and money on RA One

  5. deep says:

    3rd class worst picture ever seen

  6. Rishika Chopra says:

    Shahrukh khan is the best… Ra.one is one of the best films i hav ever watched… it is a amazing movie which i think should be nominated for oscar awards… it will make india proud.. it’s the first indian film with so much of technology n 3500 vfx shots even breaking the record of the world’s best film “Avatar”…….. shahrukh has spent so much money and time on it just for his fans… so it’s our duty to make ra.one a big hit n appreciate it…. i hav watched Ra.one 8 times till now as it’s the best… i luv u shahrukh…. u r the best…. and ra.one is the best…..