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Viswaroopam DTH Style Entertainment

Viswaroopam DTH Style Entertainment

Kamal Hasan known for his trend setting capabilities is once again taking showbiz industry to new level. He is screening his Viswaroopam on DTH targeting rich and elite class who wish to enjoy the pleasure of watching film from the comforts of their house. Though theater owners were skeptical about the method affecting their business, Kamal is having his way.

Kamal’s Viswaroopam will be available on DTH on the day of release and one could enjoy the movie for Rs 1000 on Jan 11th the film’s release date next year. However they won’t be able to record the film. Kamal says “Watching my film in television will not give them the satisfaction of watching it in theaters and logically speaking, I have exploited high-end technologies like Auro 3D surround sound to attract more people to cinema theaters,”.

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