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Bollywood’s masterpiece turns 50

Bollywood’s masterpiece turns 50

Mughal-e-Azam, the bench mark film for love, action, songs, and beauty was released on August 5, 1960. Directed by K Asif the love story of Prince Salim and courtesan Anakali the reels were carried on elephant backs to the theatre.

It took approximately 15 years to make the film. Almost 20 songs were recorded for the film at a price of Rs 3,000 a song. An elaborate Sheesh Mahal set was constructed for a song at a cost of several lakhs of rupees.

Mughal-e-Azam is the first full feature-length movie to be coloured and re-released in theatres in the history of cinema.

Madhubala’s hear condition did not allow her to sign any films after this one. 2,000 camels,4,000 horses and 8,000 troops were used in the battle sequence,many of them were sought from the Indian Army through special permission from the Defence Ministry.The soldiers were from the Jaipur regiment

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