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Vinayakudu Movie Review

Vinayakudu film review, a feel good freely kind of film

The Cast and Crew Krishnudu (Krishnamraju), Sonia, Suryatej, Poonam Kaur, Samrat, Prem Kumar Patra, Adarsh, Ankitha, Sathya Krishnan, Tulasi, Rakesh (More...)


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Vinayakudu News

Vinayakudu as Vinayaga in Tamil

Telugu hit Vinayakudu has been remade in Tamil as Vinayaga. Krishnudu and Sonia don the (More...)

New heroine for Vinayakudu sequel

New heroine for Vinayakudu sequel The film Vinayakudu starring Krishnudu and (More...)

Sequel to Vinayakudu in the offing

The small budget film Vinayakudu with a trendy story and novel treatment became a money-spinner and well liked by the (More...)

Vinayakudu runs into trouble with Hindutva outfits

The film Vinayakudu, a small budget film made by award winning producer Patra and directed by debutant Sai Kiran Adavi, (More...)
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Based on a backdrop of an office atmosphere and with characters who are identifiable in every day life, Vinayakudu is truly a feel good freely kind of a film, where you empathise with the protagonists and relate to other characters.