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Ullasamga Uthsahamga Movie Review

Ullasamga…Uthsahamga – Review – A romantic love story

The Cast and Crew Yasho Sagar, Sneha Ullal, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Ashok Kumar, LB Sriram, Chandra Mohan, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Venu Madhav, (More...)


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Ullasamga Uthsahamga Photo Gallery Coming Soon...

Ullasamga Uthsahamga News

Release of Ullasanga…Utsahanga postponed to July 24

The film Ullasanga…Utasahnga, starring Yasho Sagar and Sneha Ullal as the lead pair and directed by Karunakaran had been (More...)

Ullasamga..Uthsahamga arriving on July 18

The film Ullasamga..Uthsahamga, jointly produced by BP Somu and GS Ranganath is releasing in theatres on July 18 through (More...)
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The film has the stamp and style of director Karunakaran. It is a smooth flowing love story with an expected climax, but narrated interestingly. There is nothing new in the story.