Panchakshari Movie

After Arundathi, Anushka is playing in another lead role in a female oriented film, titled as ‘Panchakshari’. This film will be directed by Samudra. Chandra, nag’s personal makeup man is going to produce the film.

Panchakshari Movie Review

The Film Panchakshari is a paranormal story where a dead woman’s soul descends into (More...)
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Actress : Anushka
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Panchakshari as Panchamugi

Anushka, with her hot appearance in Surya’s Singam has won many fans in Tamil Nadu (More...)

Panchakshari Movie Successmeet Photo Gallery

Panchakshari Movie Successmeet Photo Gallery (More...)

Panchakshari : Against all odds

Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao, personal makeup man of Nagarjuna, producer of Panchakshari is facing starting glitches. (More...)

Panchakshari Movie Photo Gallery

Panchakshari Movie Photo Gallery (More...)
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