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Katha Telugu Movie Review

The Film Katha described as a romantic thriller has neither romance nor thrill nor chill. (More...)


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Katha movie photo gallery

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Three Telugu films releasing on Dec 4

The films “Pravarakhyudu”, “Katha” and “Sarayi Veerraju” have been scheduled (More...)

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Srinivas Raga, a technocrat, is making his debut as director with “Katha” which is being produced by Gunnam Gangaraju under the banner of Just Yellow Cinema’s. Katha  is a romantic thriller and there are no hero and heroine in the story. The actors Genelia, Arun, Prakash Raj, Shafi and Raghu Babu are all pivotal characters who run the narration of the story. In the film Genelia plays a teacher by choice and she teaches kindergarten children. Arun is cast as a filmmaker who has come to Araku to find locations for his debut film.