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Jaganmohini Movie Review

Jaganmohini Telugu Movie Review

The Film Jaganmohini is a poor remake of yesteryear classic mythological film of the (More...)


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Namitha’s “Jaganmohini” releasing on October 17

“Jaganmohini” is scheduled to hit the screens on October 17. This film is a contemporary (More...)

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Jaganmohini is the remake of the film by the same name originally made by the legendary Vitalacharya in 1978 in which Jayamalini played the title role with Narasimha Raju and Prabha being the lead actors. The modern take of “Jaganmohini”, southern siren Namita, plays the role of the princes while Raja and Meera Chopra play the lead roles. This film is being produced by H. Murali in Telugu and Tamil and directed by cinematographer-turned-director NK Viswanathan.