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Homam Movie – REVIEW – Face-Off between a cop in mafia mask and a gangster in a police cap

A face-off between a cop in mafia mask and a gangster in a police cap. The cast and crew Jagapathi (More...)


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Will JD get copy-right notice for Homam ?

JD Chakravarthy was inspired by the Hollywood film The Departed to make Homam. Now, the US production house Warner Bros (More...)

Homam Movie Photo gallery Latest

Homam Movie Photo gallery, Homam cinema photos, Telugu Movie Homam stills (More...)

JD Chakravarthy to make sequel to Homam

Homam, starring Jagapathy Babu and Mamta Mohandas, has been produced by Kiran Kumar Koneru and directed by JD Chakravarthy. The (More...)

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Homam Audio Release Photo Gallery, Homam cinema Audio Photos (More...)
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Homam is inspired by the Hollywood’s film The Departed, starring Leonard Di-Caprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson and directed by Martin Scorsese in 2006.